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‘Easy’ words to live by… with wind in the wings of PLT

Quenby returns to Montana tomorrow with a solid week of mixing completed for the ‘Pretty Little Thing’ new album project, and she now has rapid movement forward towards the finished product!

Red Lodge fans be ready! This Saturday, March 12, two locations in your neighborhood will have the pleasure of Quenby and the WOW band playas –> Quenby, Kevin Toll, Jason Uhlmann and Brian Kennedy

*Bierstube @ Red Lodge Mountain, Red Lodge – trio acoustic 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm

**Bull N’ Bear, Red Lodge – 9:30p – 1a

This week we are featuring the song ‘Easy’ which will have Tessy Lou Williams on back up vocals. Tessy Lou was in 12th Street Studio with Quenby this week in Austin, TX.


I’m giving a teaser of the lyrics because you’ll want to live by the words of the whole song (which will be available with the album release…). The song, in a nutshell, is about resisting being rushed into a relationship.


You listen to your heart
I’ll listen to my words
And baby, I know
We’ll end up where we should

So remember, mention this blog to Quenby when you are in Red Lodge this weekend and that you heard the feature song, Easy, OR the title track, Pretty Little Thing. Now that we are getting close to the album release we’ve ramped up the prize to a free Quenby and WOW Band t-shirt to the first fan who calls it!

…an image from a sponsor in the mix, we’ll call this ‘the Manhattan project’, or maybe better ‘the Ennis project’ since that’s where you would find Willie’s distillery…


And, Kevin Syzmanski waving his magic hands over the mixing board…


See you out dancing or apre ski! ~ Cheers, Heidi the SuperFan

P.S. Since we are still celebrating the new album being titled – >>>
enjoy this video of Pretty Little Thing at the Virginian in Jackson, WY on 2/13/16 put together by multi-talented WOW band playa Micheal Hoffman.
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**BREAKING NEWS** Title track for new album revealed… read on!

Quenby is traversing from an amazing weekend in Jackson Hole, WY at the Silver Dollar to Austin, TX tomorrow to begin a week of final mixing!

Loyal Jackson fans deserve a round of applause for showing up with their spirited appreciation and wonderful dancing! It was an eclectic crowd at the Wort both nights with folks both local and from all over the world, along with a fun-loving group that came down from the Bozeman area in Montana too. A birthday shout-out goes to Glenna who we got to celebrate with both nights (and we discovered she shares the same birthdate as both Elizabeth Taylor and Johnny Cash…). We enjoyed a tasty and jovial final morning brunch send-off with her at Eleanor’s Bar and Grill.
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Countdown to Austin and Final Mixing for the New Album

With a wild weekend in Stanley bringing wind to her wings, and tonight at MAP adding a moment of repose next to the steampunk moose, we are in full prep for the send-off weekend in Jackson Hole AND then on to Austin for a week of final mixing!

Quenby & Kevin @ MAP

Friday, February 26 @ 7:30 – 11:00pm Silver Dollar at the Wort Hotel, Jackson Hole, WY
Saturday, February 27 @ 7:30 – 11:00pm Silver Dollar at the Wort Hotel, Jackson Hole, WY
…featuring Quenby Iandiorio, Kevin Toll, Jason Uhlmann and Brian Kennedy

This week Sean Devine hits the studio in Gardiner with Fred Baker to lay down some guitar tracks in the song we’re featuring this week —> ‘Baby Let Me Go’

You tell me that you want me – Baby, I don’t know
You say you’ll take me higher – then you leave me ..oh, so… low
You leave me ..oh, so… low!
Oh Baby, let me go – don’t leave me low!

So… we’re going to let Quenby go to Austin… as long as she returns to Montana! (So excited for the new album! Believe me we will not be left feelin’ low!)

Don’t forget (Jackson fans…) if you hear ‘Baby Let Me Go’ at the Wort, and let Quenby know you’ve read this blog, FREE coozie for youzie!

XOXO Heidi aka SuperFan

okay… okay… here’s a bit of video foreshadowing for next week and from tonight at MAP 😉
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Falling Off Horses …and going out dancing!

First thing I want to mention is to check out Sarah Morris’ art with the latest installation at Zocalo’s in downtown Bozeman…


this is opening today, Monday, February 15. Quenby & the WOW bad are excited to get a shout out in an Ellen theatre marquis included in one of the new paintings. If you haven’t seen this wonderful Ennis, Montana artist’s work please visit
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Wined and Dined… nostalgic post by SuperFan Heidi ;-)

For all the Romantics out there… this week’s feature song is (appropriately)


Have you seen the video of this song I recorded at the Stacey’s Old Faithful in Gallatin Gateway this last weekend? If not, visit:
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Passing the Tip Bucket around! ~ music notes ala Heidi

Give tips here
As I witnessed being done regularly in Austin, TX >>> at music venues where there is no cover for shows (like at the Eagles, Sacajawea Inn or Stacey’s here in the Bozeman area), a great way to support our local musicians is to check in with them at their gigs and ask if you can pass the tip jar around the crowd. This gets folks acting on supporting their musicians and makes a big $ impact.

As mentioned in my previous post, here’s our weekly highlight of one of the new songs which will be on the new album. At one of this weeks’ venues, the first persons that mentions to Quenby during the break that you heard her play this song will get a free Q&WOW Coozie …and I’ll recognize you as another astute SuperFan here on this blog if you like.

Inspired by true events… “My baby loves me when I’m down and out! Don’t let my frown turn him inside out..always turns me loose to let me work it out. My baby loves me when I’m down and out!” This song has an old rock and roll sound – great rockabilly dance tune!

The next gigs for Quenby and the West of Wayland Band are at:

Wednesday, February 3, 6-8pm >> Lockhorn Cider House, Bozeman …solo music – come hear some of the new tunes that will be on the album!
Friday, February 5, 8:30pm >> Stacey’s, Gallatin Gateway
Saturday, February 6, 8:30pm >> Stacey’s, Gallatin Gateway

It was a fun weekend with Quenby and the WOW Band at the Eagles – great to see the incredible dancers of Bozeman again!

~ photo credit Heidi Lea

SuperFan notes on the ‘Untitled Album’ project ~ Heidi Lea

– photo credit to Andy Carrell … of Heidi and Quenby at 12th Street… Hi Andy!!

With 5 tunes ready for the final mixing and 5 or 6 with some fine tuning to go… time for an update on the new album project! I’m taking a turn at the blog updates as both ‘Super Fan’ and having road-tripped to Austin, TX in November with Quenby for the initial studio recording at 12th Street Studio. It’s my good fortune to get a firsthand accounting of much of the evolving music making, art and general shenanigans along the way. Last week some additional tracks on ‘Easy’, ‘Falling Off Horses’, and ‘No Sweat’, were laid out with Kevin Toll and Claudia Williams at Fred Baker’s Electric Peak Studio in Gardiner, MT. Phil Hurley was back in 12th Street Studio in Austin, TX with Kevin Szymanski touching up ‘You’re No Good Unless You Are Mine.’ A trip to Austin again to finalize some of the songs and mixing is planned in March. Stay tuned!

For fun, I’ll be highlighting one song from the new album in a weekly posting about upcoming events. The first person to recognize the song being played at one of that week’s gigs will get a free Q&WOW Coozie from Quenby at the merchandise table during the break …and we’ll mention you in our next post if you like!

If you don’t already own Quenby’s first CD, Long Time Comin’, it’s available for purchase at her shows or here on the website. It’s fun nowadays to chat with friends listening and dancing at shows about what songs are on the current CD versus what’s coming. These songs are great stories AND super fun to dance to!