Highlighting ‘You’re No Good Unless You’re Mine’ and the Week Ahead

A verse and a chorus of this week’s featured song from the new PLT album ‘You’re No Good Unless You’re Mine’

I tried to tell you you’re no good unless you’re mine
Go out see for yourself and that’s just what you’ll find
Think twice baby, ’cause it’s a lot to leave behind
You know it’s true you’re just no good unless you’re mine

I could live without you for the rest of my days
I love my friends and all the hell that we raise
But if you stay with me this time, like you should
You know together we add up to more than good.

Quenby assures me she’s never directly said that to anyone; however, the experience of watching a relationship segue slowly and painfully into an estranged connection as entertained in this tune, is a ubiquitous one and easy enough to tap into, no matter what she claims – definitely a goodie!! To fit the tenor of the ballad, how about this fun buddy shot with Kevin Toll and Jason Uhlmann from their gig this last weekend in Red Lodge. Can’t you see it in his eyes, Jason? I think he’s telling you, “You’re No Good Unless You’re Mine…”>>

Kevin and Jason whooping it up in Red Lodge, MT

Kevin and Jason whooping it up in Red Lodge, MT

The 10-day forecast of gigs is as follows:

Tuesday, March 15 at Katabatic Brewing Company, 117 W Park St. in Livingston, MT @ 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm …this is a solo Quenby evening supporting Livingston Women in Business’ event, Beer For a Cause – for every beer you buy, $1 goes to the organization.

Come fun dancing with the band on the weekend:
Friday and Saturday, March 18 & 19 at the Eagles in Bozeman, MT @ 9:30p …Quenby and the WOW Band!

Next Sunday, March 20 at the Kountry Korner Cafe in Four Corners, MT @ 5:30 pm – 8:30 pm …another solo acoustic eve with Quenby to accompany your dinner.

Tuesday, March 22 at Bozeman Spirits in Bozeman, MT @ 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm … enjoy a cocktail with some great solo acoustic Quenby!

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