Let’s make $7050 by the halfway mark – 8 days!

WOW! The fund-raising campaign for the new record has gotten 2 backers a day since we launched – that’s great!!! Thank you so much for your support. I’d love to raise $7050 in the next 8 days before we hit the halfway mark just to ease my mind – as we get closer to the recording sessions I’m having dreams of additional musicians on more tracks and cooler videos. I’d love to know that we’re going to have the money to support these ideas!

Now we’re locking down musicians schedules and breaking up the tracks over the four days in studio. Just got confirmation that Robert Rendon and Leslie Frid – camera operators I know through my film work in Austin for Robert Rodoriguez, are going to be filming!!! This is great – exactly what I was hoping for, but you never know with the film community when they’re going to be snatched up for a job!

And to boot, Leslie Frid is originally from Bozeman! A little slice of home while I’m on the road…

To see footage, hear sound bytes and pledge your support, go to www.kickstarter.com/projects/quenbywowband/untitled-album

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