Sean Devine just confirmed as still and video producer!

Sean Devine confirmed as still and video producer!

Over the weekend Sean Devine was officially confirmed coming on board as the still and video shoot producer – thanks God! If you’re wondering about his credentials, the pictures that have accompanied this campaign since its inception were masterminded by him, so, we’re in GREAT hands. I’m super excited and well relieved because truthfully, that was not a hat I was intending to try to wear while I was down there in the studio. I was just going to let my camera operators roll with all of their hard-won experience and good perspective. But this way, they get a perspective from my camp to help them.

Still waiting on a couple of high recs for an accordion player and still mulling over what to do about a lap player. The good news is, I have great options. It’s more a choice about style at this point and aren’t I lucky to be in that place?

And I am looking forward to a conversation at the end of the week with my first choice Director of Photography, Robert Rendon, whom I met working at Troublemaker Studios (Robert Rodriguez) during my time in Texas.

Check out this awesome project at or come to the Bacchus tonight, 8pm and ask me all about it and how you can participate!

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