Wined and Dined… nostalgic post by SuperFan Heidi ;-)

For all the Romantics out there… this week’s feature song is (appropriately)


Have you seen the video of this song I recorded at the Stacey’s Old Faithful in Gallatin Gateway this last weekend? If not, visit:

As mentioned in my previous post, I’m doing a weekly highlight of one of the new songs which will be on the NEW (as of yet untitled) ALBUM. At one of this weeks’ gigs, the first person that mentions to Quenby during the break that you heard her play this song will get a free Q&WOW coozie …and I’ll give you a mention here on this blog if you like.

Quote from Q, “In the span of just a few months one Autumn, I had about half a dozen friends, men and women, who were all being jilted by their partners in one way or another so I took up this song – deciding in the end to write it from a woman’s point of view. The bottom line is, they all deserved better: they deserved to be Wined and Dined…”

I wanna be wined and dined
No more bein’ boozed and schmoozed.
I’m ready for things so fine
No more of that gold for ‘fools’
I’m ready to move on up and get out of the rough
This heart’s moving uptown
I wanna be wined and dined

GOING TO JACKSON for the next gigs for Quenby and the West of Wayland Band featuring Quenby Iandiorio, Kevin Toll, Michael Hoffman and Brian Kennedy (I won’t be there so if you get a good picture I’ll post it in next weeks blog if you send it to us!):

Friday, February 12, 9:30pm >> Virginian, Jackson Hole, WY
Saturday, February 13, 9:30pm >> Virginian, Jackson Hole, WY

It was a fun weekend with Quenby and the WOW Band at Stacey’s – great to see the incredible dancers of Bozeman again! (fyi… no coozies given yet from a mention of my blog…)

~ videos credit Heidi Lea

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