Anywhere? How about where Calamity Jane was rumored to have spent a night in the early 1900’s?

This is a remarkable week in the life of our faire Quenby… who has moved into not just “Anywhere”, but part of her new home in Livingston! This is also the name of the 10th and second to the last featured song for the new album ‘Pretty Little Thing’ – and next week we will cover the final of the 11 songs you’ll find on the new album. We are so close to sending it to press!

This song expresses the sorrows of finding a trusted friend no longer along the ride as life moves along…


You, you said to me
You said you would follow me anywhere
I, I heard your plea
And said you can follow me anywhere
Yeah come on and follow me anywhere

Now you, you say to me
You say you won’t follow me anywhere
Turns out you didn’t mean
That you would follow me anywhere
No you can’t follow me anywhere

You say you wanna ride
You say you’ll stick by my side
But you won’t follow me anywhere

On that note, this week the legendary Merle Haggard passed on his 79th birthday – he was about to take off on tour with his buddy Willie Nelson. Funnily our friend Jake was sporting this shirt at MAP Brewery on Tuesday night – it was a great eve with Quenby and Uncle Bill Devine serenading us >>>

This weekend coming:

* Friday and Saturday Nights!! April 8 & 9 @ The Virginian, Jackson Hole from 9:30 pm – 1 am

* Sunday, April 10 @ Songwriter’s Show, Yellowstone Valley Brewing w/ Tom Catmull and Sean Devine from 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm

~banter by yours truly… Heidi the SuperFan XO

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