PLT Heads for Final Mastering + Song ‘Too Much’ Highlighted

Springtime in the Rockies is Happening! … and sometimes things just seem a bit too much with the newness this time of year brings, which is why we’re highlighting the song ‘Too Much’ this week. Perhaps it’s time to chill out, embrace change, and go with the flow…here’s some of the lyrics to ponder –>

** TOO MUCH **
I know I laugh too hard
I know I smoke too much
I know I stay too long
Baby, when you’ve had enough

I know I play too hard
I know I drink more than my share
It seems I’d be hard to trust
And Baby, I know you’re scared

Come out this week and enjoy the full version! REMEMBER >> mention having read about the feature song in this week’s blog or the title track, ‘Pretty Little Thing’, at one of the this week’s gigs and win a FREE Q & WOW band tshirt in celebration of the upcoming new release.

**Tonight** Sunday, March 20 at the Kountry Korner Cafe in Four Corners, MT @ 5:30 pm – 8:30 pm …solo acoustic eve with Quenby to accompany your dinner.

Tuesday, March 22 at Bozeman Spirits in Bozeman, MT @ 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm … enjoy a cocktail with some great solo acoustic Quenby!

Saturday, March 26 Apre Ski!! at Bridger Bowl @ 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm

This last weekend was a blast at the Eagles dancing – both nights we had a great turnout of dancers! Just a reminder to dancers and fans, grab that tip bucket and take it for a spin around the venue to share with your friends – it totally makes a difference! The band so enjoys feeling our love!

Here’s a link to last week’s feature song You’re No Good Unless You’re Mine at the Bozeman Eagles

And finally, album updates!! Quenby received the final mixes from the consummate Kevin Szymanski at Austin’s 12th Street Sound and she’s transporting them next to Fred Baker for mastering with Electric Peak Recording in Gardiner, MT. Design for the album jacket is also underway at Rancid Ranch Design in Round Rock, TX, with text sent and images that were from the sassy photo shoot from October, along with other bits gathered along the way like from the first recording session in November. Things are coming together!

Cheers! ~ post by Heidi aka super fan… who is sooo going to apre ski this week!