Heartaches by the Number crooner “Strick” Strickler …66 years ain’t bad!

This week we want to send a heartfelt shout out to Floyd “Strick” and Meta Strickler in celebration of their 66th Wedding Anniversary!

It was a little more than a year ago in October, when I had the delight of dancing with Strick before he did his set with Quenby and the WOW Band at Stacey’s in Gallatin Gateway. He told me then that ‘next year’ would be he and Meta’s 66th anniversary… and that their wedding dance had been right there, at Stacey’s (!), all those years ago; AND Strick’s Band, The Wranglers, played music for it! I have since heard an endless bounty of musical stories and adventures of the ‘Life and Times’ of “Strick” and his talented family. Mostly though, I continue to appreciate this local legend as he brings it to the stage, at a spry 86-years-young, for all of us – a Legacy of Americana Music from Montana.

Check out Strick with Quenby and the West of Wayland Band from September 17, 2016 at the Bozeman Eagles, singing ‘Heartaches by the Numbers’. This chorus is highlighted,

“Now I’ve got heartaches by the numbers
A love that I can’t win
But the day that I stop counting
That’s the day my world will end

Heartache number three was when you called me
And told me you was coming home to stay
With hoping heart I waited for your knock on the door
I waited but you must have lost your way

Now I’ve got heartaches by the numbers
Troubles by the score
Every day you love me less
Each day I love you more

Now I’ve got heartaches by the numbers
A love that I can’t win
But the day that I stop countin’
That’s the day my world will end”

This song is written by Harlan Howard, and sung by all the greats of country – i.e. Strick Strickler! Always a pleasure and an honor to support our musician story tellers! We can safely say that this is not Strick’s ‘True Story’ with his lifelong beloved; and as you can see, Bozeman was out dancing and enjoying this timeless tune and grandfather of our Gallatin Valley.

You’ll see Strick out regularly as a special guest with not only the WOW band, but so many others ‘Western Electric’, ‘SlomoJoe’, ‘Little Jane and the Pistol Whips’, and the ‘Heather Lingle Band’ among others. We’re hoping he’ll be out this Friday and Saturday with us at the Bozeman Legion – see you there!

~ Heidi Lea… Blogging for Q&WOW

Listen to Quenby on Music Ranch Radio …and Turn Your Day Around!

It’s November and Quenby is back in Montana-land hitting the ground running… Check out the Upcoming Events to get out and treat yourself to a spirited night of roots music!

And, in the meantime, if you missed it live, you can check out Quenby’s radio interview from October 18, 2016 – with Jimmy Kujala on musicranchradio.com.

You can check also find the links to this and other shows now through the link under the ‘Press/Interviews’ dropdown! Thanks Jimmy and Music Ranch Radio!


Here are cliffnotes from the interview… but you’ll want to listen to it!!

>>> The last time Jimmy and Music Ranch Radio connected with Quenby was just before she set out to record her new album in Austin, TX this very week last year! Now it’s 2016 and ‘Pretty Little Thing’ is available for purchase, download and streaming. >>>

1:15 Quenby reminisces about her history with music and the country music genre – big fan of The Mavericks (Raul Malo), Wanda Jackson.
5:51 Pretty Little Thing album production process >>
6:08 The pure pleasure of working with of Dale Watson’s rhythm section – Chris Crepps, Mike Bernal
9:05 Montana mother and daughter singer-songwriters, Claudia Williams and Tessy Lou Williams, both sing backup vocals on the album

9:30 **Wined and Dined** TRACK 1 from PLT

15:00 First album, ‘Long Time Comin’, was a studio album produced by a good friend, but this latest album Quenby produced on her own after having taken the songs out on the road with the WOW Band
16:50 Priceless experience earned observing and helping Sean Devine record his album ‘Austin City Blues’ in 2014.
17:45 Kujala and Quenby discuss Devine and the pre-production work needed to do quality music production
19:35 Ward Davis comment to Jimmy about Sean during recent tour through Red Lodge “For Sean it’s always Music, always that thought going on…”
21:13 Kevin Toll played with Quenby when she first toured MT in the winter of 2013 and is still playing with the band.
24:27 Bozeman fiddle player, Britt Smith, connected Quenby with Devine’s songwriter series
26:00 Kenny Williams, Montana musician, father of Tessy Lou, and bassist in her band, and Mike Singer, banjo player from Bozeman, both recommended Kevin Toll as a lead guitarist
26:30 Jimmy has had the opportunity to stand in and play with the WOW Band, and says, “It’s a blast!”. Quenby: “I want to be here for people and turn their day around.”

27:55 **Falling of Horses** TRACK 4 from PLT

32:20 Jimmy & Quenby talk about songwriting and life in the big city as compared to life in Montana.

39:00 Next shows in the Red Lodge area:

Snow Creek, Red Lodge – 9:30p – 1:20a
December 10
Snow Creek Saloon, 124 Broadway Ave S
Red Lodge, MT 59068 United States

Bierstube, Red Lodge Mountain – acoustic trio
December 10 @ 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Red Lodge Mountain, Ski Run Road
Red Lodge, MT

40:00 Sharing family stories as Quenby is with family in Wayland, MA after her mother’s passing. Quenby found a certificate of appreciation from MIT that was given to her mother for work done on the Apollo space mission. Jimmy learned for the first time upon his father’s passing that his father had brothers. Jimmy, “Always sad when you lose somebody, but always great to look at the memories and pass those along.” How true!

~ Heidi Lea… Blogging for Q&WOW

Radio Not Silent – KGLT Makin’ Some Noise!

Hey fellow fans! While we bide our time this October, waiting for Quenby to get back to Montana playing her live shows in November, we’ll be adding some new material for you to explore here on the www.quenbywowband.com website.

I had the pleasure of joining Quenby in the KGLT studio with Bob Butts this spring (June 7, 2016) to reminisce about the making of Pretty Little Thing. You can check out the show now through the link under the ‘Press/Interviews’ dropdown, along with the fun KGLT Station Identification spot – she nailed it! Thanks Bob and KGLT!

Here are highlights and ‘shoutout’ times from the discussion…. Enjoy!!

3.06 Kevin Syzmanski – 12th St Sound

The rhythm section:
3.20 Mike Bernal, Chris Creps from Dale Watson’s Band

3.27 Doug Strahan from Memphis Strange
3.40 Phil Hurley
3.43 Sean Devine

Steel Pedal Player:
3.54 Nathan Fleming

‘Montana Contingent’
4.10 Brian Paugh – Mandolin and Violin
4.12 Tessy Lou Williams – Back-up Vocals
4.22 Electric Peak Studios – Fred Baker
4.30 Kevin Toll – Lead Guitar
4.32 Claudia Williams – Back-up Vocals

4.40 Earl Poole Ball
4.42 Stewart Cochran – B3-Hammond Organ

5.07 Tejano / diatonic accordian (James Edward Sanchez) on ‘Easy’
5.29 Michael Ramos

6.07 – 9.42 TITLE TRACK 5 “Pretty Little Thing”

10.03 James Edward Sanchez on Easy
11.23 Brian Paugh plays Mandolin on Easy

12.09 – 15.50 TRACK 7 “Easy”

16.40 Tina Benedickt contribution to lyrics on ‘Wined and Dined’

18.38 – 22.12 TRACK 1 “Wined and Dined”
22.13 – 26.19 TRACK 3 “You’re No Good Unless You’re Mine”

28.30 Doug Strahan, “killed it!” Nathan Fleming, “came up with key change…” on ‘Falling Off Horses’

29.17 – 32.45 TRACK 4 “Falling Off Horses”
32.46 – 38.22 TRACK 8 “Too Much”

39.00 Pinto Bennet wrote ’No Sweat’ originally for the Everly Brothers
40.18 Photographers Taylor Kent (cover and other color photos) and Andrew Carrell (inside b&w photo montage)

41.30 – 43.45 TRACK 9 “No Sweat”

Visit www.quenbywowband.com for your copy of PLT!! Check out lyrics, schwag, and the inside story!

~ Heidi Lea… Blogging for Q&WOW

Pretty Little Thing …available for your entertainment pleasure!

The day we’ve been working towards – delivering Pretty Little Thing to YOU!

You’ll find this photo montage within the CD jacket… fond memories from the first recording session in November 2015 at 12th Street Sound in Austin TX.

Click me to see the spread! Kyle Davis Strode of Rancid Ranch Design > mosaic of Andrew Carrell photos

Click me to see the spread! Kyle Davis Strode of Rancid Ranch Design > mosaic of Andrew Carrell photos

Top row, (left to right): Wade Josey (assistant engineer), Kevin Syzmanski (sound engineer, recording, mixing) faded in back, Robert Rendon (videographer), Earl Poole Ball (piano), Michael Ramos (Accordion), Quenby (superstar)

Middle row: Kevin Syzmanski, Mike Bernal (drums / percussion), Chris Crepps (upright bass), Brian Paugh (mandolin/fiddle), James Edward Sanchez (accordion), Patches (mascot)

Bottom row L: moi…Heidi Lea, Doug Strahan (electric guitar), Phil Hurley (electric guitar), Nathan Fleming (pedal steel guitar), Stewart Cochran (Hammond B-3 organ, piano), Chris>Q>Mikey

Not pictured is an awesome collection of musicians and personnel including Claudia and Tessy Lou Williams (so wonderful to have the amazingly talented mother/daughter duo participate!), and our local heros of the electric guitar – Kevin Toll and Sean Devine!! – and, of course, Fred Baker, master of mastering, at Electric Peak S in Gardiner, MT. A HUGE thank you to everyone involved!

Click to buy the entire PLT Album!

Click to buy the PLT Album!

You will now find the PLT album available in ‘the shop’ along with lyrics and links to listen to the new tunes… You can download the entire album, order a hard copy of the CD, or download individual tracks. Enjoy!

Long Time Comin’ Now Available as a Digital Download!

New things are comin’…If you don’t own it already, check out ‘the shop’ where you can now purchase *in digital format* the WOW Band’s first album, “Long Time Comin'”. You can download the entire album, order a hard copy of the CD, or download individual tracks.

Buy the entire LTC Album!

Buy the entire LTC Album!

The new album, ‘Pretty Little Thing’ arrived yesterday so we are having a big party to celebrate the official release on Friday and Saturday, April 29th and 30th at the Eagles in Bozeman! Come get your copy! If you like shopping record stores, Cactus in Bozeman and Conley’s in Livingston will also have copies for sale.

And for all you forward-thinking hipsters out there, a downloadable version of the entire album as well as single tracks will also be available on the website starting Friday.

Bring all your friends to the Eagles for the celebration with great music from Quenby and her fabulous West of Wayland Band playas – featuring Kevin Toll, Tom Day, Michael Hoffman and Brian Kennedy!

Monday, May 2, Quenby and Jason Uhlmann will be at Neptunes Brewery in Livingston. and then Quenby takes off for her Boston-area tour for 3 weeks! Let’s send her off with our presence this week in celebration of this great new studio compilation!

Also, we wanted to draw your attention to some some changes and big improvements to the website. Check out the following:

HOME tab >> Pictures featured in the photo shoots for Pretty Little Thing by both Taylor Kent (color series) and Andy Carrell (b&w)
MUSIC tab >> ALBUM – LONG TIME COMIN’ sub category with links to lyrics, listening, & options to ‘Own It!’
BIO tab >> New tab with consolidated bio info
BLOG tab >> New tab too… bringing all our blog updates to one easy to view area
PRESS/INTERVIEWS tab >> new stuff!! Including a KGLT radio interview from 2013 dredged up from the annals of time with Quenby and Bob Butts… a GREAT listen!
MEDIA tab >> New tab with dropdowns of PHOTOS and POSTERS
SHOP tab >> See the new Long Time Comin’ music options in CD, Digital album or singles!

Giving Week and Anticipating the PLT CD!

Fingers crossed, the Pretty Little Thing CD will be shipped as anticipated this coming Tuesday; meaning… we’ll hopefully have them ready for all you dancers and music fans who’ve been waiting for our Eagles gig next weekend!

In the meantime, come listen and support the following causes this week:

Thursday, April 21 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm >> The Belgrade Bandits Baseball Team ~ Bandits Brew Tour @ the Element, Bozeman – acoustic duo w/ Jason Uhlmann

Saturday, April 23 @ 7:00 pm >> FUNDRAISER for McNAIR SKATE PARK!!! @ the FAIRGROUNDS, Livingston – Quenby and the West of Wayland Band

Friday and Saturday, April 29-30 @ 9:30 pm – 1:30 am >> Eagles, Bozeman – Quenby and the West of Wayland Band

Photo from Bozeman Spirits from April 19, 2016 by Jake Tocco!

‘No Sweat’ by the legendary Pinto Bennett… our final feature song in PLT!

It’s happening ~> the album is off to be printed, and we’re wrapping up our song features from ‘Pretty Little Thing’ with “NO SWEAT”. This week Quenby spoke with Pinto Bennett, who has given his blessing of the inclusion of this song in the new album. Respected friends Kip Attaway, David Lyle Evans and Bob Z, all encouraged Quenby to meet Pinto and play with him – which she did with Claudia Williams last fall in Jackson Hole – it brings great pleasure hearing Claudia join in on this song for the recording!

The full band of players who are making this hopeful romantic tune come together in fine form are:

Mikey Bernal – Drums and Percussion
Chris Crepps – Upright Bass
Quenby – Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Doug Strahan – Electric Guitar
Kevin Toll– Electric Guitar, Harmony Vocals
Earl Poole Ball– Piano
Claudia Williams– Harmony Vocals

***A snippet of the lyrics for “No Sweat”***

I’ve been around the block before
Loved some less, I loved some more
Fools rush in it’s no big deal
I kind of like the way love feels

Half right
Half wrong
All night
Love song
Best yet
You bet
In love,
No Sweat

There you have it folks! 11 songs featured now over the last 11 weeks! Mention ‘No Sweat’ or ‘Pretty Little Thing’ at Stacey’s this weekend or at Bozeman Spirits next week and win a free Quenby and WOW band t-shirt in celebration of the new release!

Friday & Saturday, April 15th and 16th at Stacey’s in Gallatin Gateway @ 8:30pm …come dance with Quenby and the band featuring Kevin Toll, Michael Hoffman, Tom Day and Brian Kennedy

Tuesday, April 5 at Bozeman Spirits from 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm …Quenby playing solo acoustic

Anywhere? How about where Calamity Jane was rumored to have spent a night in the early 1900’s?

This is a remarkable week in the life of our faire Quenby… who has moved into not just “Anywhere”, but part of her new home in Livingston! This is also the name of the 10th and second to the last featured song for the new album ‘Pretty Little Thing’ – and next week we will cover the final of the 11 songs you’ll find on the new album. We are so close to sending it to press!

This song expresses the sorrows of finding a trusted friend no longer along the ride as life moves along…


You, you said to me
You said you would follow me anywhere
I, I heard your plea
And said you can follow me anywhere
Yeah come on and follow me anywhere

Now you, you say to me
You say you won’t follow me anywhere
Turns out you didn’t mean
That you would follow me anywhere
No you can’t follow me anywhere

You say you wanna ride
You say you’ll stick by my side
But you won’t follow me anywhere

On that note, this week the legendary Merle Haggard passed on his 79th birthday – he was about to take off on tour with his buddy Willie Nelson. Funnily our friend Jake was sporting this shirt at MAP Brewery on Tuesday night – it was a great eve with Quenby and Uncle Bill Devine serenading us >>>

This weekend coming:

* Friday and Saturday Nights!! April 8 & 9 @ The Virginian, Jackson Hole from 9:30 pm – 1 am

* Sunday, April 10 @ Songwriter’s Show, Yellowstone Valley Brewing w/ Tom Catmull and Sean Devine from 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm

~banter by yours truly… Heidi the SuperFan XO

Russell and Ronnie… a story to NOT live by

This week we are featuring ‘Russell and Ronnie’ a tale that belays it’s peppy demeanor — sometimes the plain facts of a matter are so bad all you can do is play Zydeco. Definitely a very fun song to dance too!

Way out back round the well
Ronnie’s stumbling towards the farmhouse
drunk as hell.

He gets loose and sings off key
tries to get your little lady on his knee.
So slip your gal through the side door
don’t let that ol’ drunk Ronnie
round here no more.

He’s all hopped up on pills and wine
crazy for his brother’s brand new wife
he’s so damned bleary-eyed
he mistook her for his own.

Now he’s had a taste of her’s
and his own wife’s love’s gone cold.

…and then this song goes into some really strange places… ending with (as seen at Bridger Bowl):

Heed my words, all you folks,
taking each other’s wives ain’t no joke.
But, if you do, and break the news
you’d better hope he’s drunk his weight in booze.

Come out this week and mention this blog post ‘Russel and Ronnie’ or ‘Pretty Little Thing’ to Quenby at a gig. If you are the first person to reach out you will win a FREE Quenby and WOW band t-shirt in celebration of the upcoming new album… just a few weeks away until the release!

Venues for the week ahead:

Tuesday, March 28 at Neptune’s Brewery in Livingston, MT @ 5:30 pm – 8:00 pm … enjoy sushi and fine local brews with solo acoustic Quenby!

Saturday, March 29 at Blackfoot Brewing in Helena, MT @ 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm … more solo acoustic Quenby!

Friday, April 1 at Mixers in Bozeman, MT @ 9:30 pm … come dance with the full band!

Tuesday, April 5 at MAP Brewing in Bozeman, MT @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm … duo acoustic w/ Kevin Toll

PLT Heads for Final Mastering + Song ‘Too Much’ Highlighted

Springtime in the Rockies is Happening! … and sometimes things just seem a bit too much with the newness this time of year brings, which is why we’re highlighting the song ‘Too Much’ this week. Perhaps it’s time to chill out, embrace change, and go with the flow…here’s some of the lyrics to ponder –>

** TOO MUCH **
I know I laugh too hard
I know I smoke too much
I know I stay too long
Baby, when you’ve had enough

I know I play too hard
I know I drink more than my share
It seems I’d be hard to trust
And Baby, I know you’re scared

Come out this week and enjoy the full version! REMEMBER >> mention having read about the feature song in this week’s blog or the title track, ‘Pretty Little Thing’, at one of the this week’s gigs and win a FREE Q & WOW band tshirt in celebration of the upcoming new release.

**Tonight** Sunday, March 20 at the Kountry Korner Cafe in Four Corners, MT @ 5:30 pm – 8:30 pm …solo acoustic eve with Quenby to accompany your dinner.

Tuesday, March 22 at Bozeman Spirits in Bozeman, MT @ 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm … enjoy a cocktail with some great solo acoustic Quenby!

Saturday, March 26 Apre Ski!! at Bridger Bowl @ 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm

This last weekend was a blast at the Eagles dancing – both nights we had a great turnout of dancers! Just a reminder to dancers and fans, grab that tip bucket and take it for a spin around the venue to share with your friends – it totally makes a difference! The band so enjoys feeling our love!

Here’s a link to last week’s feature song You’re No Good Unless You’re Mine at the Bozeman Eagles

And finally, album updates!! Quenby received the final mixes from the consummate Kevin Szymanski at Austin’s 12th Street Sound and she’s transporting them next to Fred Baker for mastering with Electric Peak Recording in Gardiner, MT. Design for the album jacket is also underway at Rancid Ranch Design in Round Rock, TX, with text sent and images that were from the sassy photo shoot from October, along with other bits gathered along the way like from the first recording session in November. Things are coming together!

Cheers! ~ post by Heidi aka super fan… who is sooo going to apre ski this week!