LTC – For All My Friends Lyrics

Release Date: 2009 ~ Track 11 of 12

Tonight I got down on my knees for all of my friends
‘Cause lately it seems like the hard times never will end
Do you think if I pray hard enough that maybe he’ll send
An angel to help us
Repair whatever it is they need to mend
So tonight I got down on my knees for all of my friends

We lost one early on
To the pain no one knows
His lover rose in the middle of the night
From the bed he had flown

But he’d never shown
So how could she have known
He took before
She knew he was gone


He’d struggled for years and years
Back and forth between the whiskey and tears
His baby girl had gotten too old
To hide from his fears

So finally he’s crashed and burned
But the worst part’s to come
When his baby’s mama found him
He wasn’t alone

So tonight I’ll get down on my knees for all of my friends
For my best friend of 29 years who lost all her men
My ex-lover who got in too deep and turned round the bend
For the mama with four hungry kids who wants it to end
Do you think you might send them
An angel to mend
If I promise to never stray from you again?