LTC – I’m Too Old Lyrics

I’M TOO OLD – Q. Iandiorio
Release Date: 2009 ~ Track 3 of 12

I’m too old to suffer fools anymore
Or to let them change my way
Spent too many years behind closed doors
Shutting my fool self away

Once upon a time when I was young
I could give my heart away
To any fool who turned his gaze on me
Or had a few nice words to say

But as you all well know the way life goes
Time will march on as time does
And not too long ago I turned to see
All my open doors had closed


Now the years have passed and so has love
Too many times to keep a count
But what I’ve learned is that my heart’s too sweet
To rush and give it out

So now I find the middle of my years
A little lonely yes it’s true
But looking back on how I used to live
Well it’s the better of the two


Sometimes they try to talk to me at night
Mistaking lonely for alone
I laugh to think what must they take me for
And shake my head and wave them on