LTC – Pour Me Lyrics

POUR ME – Q. Iandiorio
Release Date: 2009 ~ Track 10 of 12

Pour me, pour me, pour me, pour me
Another shot of whiskey
Bartender hit me one more time

He left, I cried, I’m lost, inside
Oh won’t you help me
Fill it to the top ‘cause I hit rock bottom this time

I don’t wanna listen to that old jukebox
So don’t put anymore quarters in the slots
I don’t wanna talk and I don’t wanna dance
I damn sure ain’t lookin for romance

I don’t wanna hang out with the corwd
I don’t wanna party and get real loud
Believe me when I tell ya that I thought this through
There’s only one thing that I want ya’ to do, it’s


Here’s my story it’s sad but it’s true
There’s so many things that I never knew
He loves to party and he loves to dance
He loves to get loud every time he got the chance

I always thought he was a simple-minded Okie
But little did I know he was the king of karaoke
He’s everything that a man outta be
The only problem was that it wasn’t with me