LTC – Sugary Sweet Lyrics

SUGARY SWEET – Q. Iandiorio
Release Date: 2009 ~ Track 6 of 12

Baby, baby, baby, baby
You’re so sugary sweet I don’t know
Baby, baby, baby oh sweet baby
You’re so sugary sweet I don’t know

You talk to me at every chance
You walk me out you take my hand
But I’ve been hearin’ some things when you go home

They say that she’s been there for you
When you’re big record deal fell through
You lost your pad but I’ll bet that didn’t worry you


You call me up it’s way past one
I know you’re only after fun
But I wanted so much more than you could have done

I have to say that it’s too bad
That you’re not more of a man
‘Cause baby I could’ve loved you with all that I am…