PLT – Easy Lyrics

EASY – Q. Iandiorio
Release Date: 2016 ~ Track 7 of 11

You listen to your heart
I’ll listen to my words
And baby I know
We’ll end up where we should

Well it could take some time
But not too long you’ll see
If you could just try
To put a little faith in me

I heard what you told me about once upon a time
But this ain’t fairy tales, babe, this is real life

It didn’t always work
What you tried there in the past
But I’m tellin’ ya honey
Just don’t get caught so fast

You’ve got your little life
And, baby, I’ve got mine
So let’s relax
Baby, and try to take our time

I know we’re headed for a sunny place
Where we wake up every day to a smilin’ face


So rock into my arms
And let me hold you tight
You can go home later
Well, you don’t have to spend the night

We’ll take it really slow
You tell me what you need
We’ve got our whole lives
Baby, to learn how to please

We both loved so many times we’re like old pros
But what you and I need, babe, nobody but us knows

So listen to your words
I’ll listen to my heart
And if we get lucky
Maybe we’ll make a better start