PLT – Russell and Ronnie Lyrics

Release Date: 2016 ~ Track 6 of 11

Way out back
‘Round the well
Ronnie’s stumbling through the tall grass
Drunk as hell

He gets loose
And sings off-key
Tries to get your little lady on his knee

So slip your gal
Through the side door
Don’t let that old drunk Ronnie round here no more

He’s all hopped up
On pills and wine
Crazy for his brother’s brand new wife

He’s so damn bleary-eyed he mistook her for his own
Now he’s had a taste of hers and his own wife’s love’s gone cold

Way out back
‘Round the bend
Russell stumblin’ through the tall grass drunk again

Jaw hangs low
All stooped o’er
With his gallon jug of whiskey in tow

Head thrown back
Howlin’ at the moon
Come to get his wife back none too soon

Ronnie’s waitin’
For his brother Russ
Reelin’ round with his rifle makin’ dust

These two have had it in for each other all their lives
Now I guess the time has come since they’ve had each other’s wives


Straight out back
Down Ma’s steps
Russell’s stumbling round and rantin’ jug to his lips

Takes a swig of whiskey Jack
Drunken swings at Ronnie and he shoots back

Ma looked on
And shook her head
Gathered up her skirts and went back to bed

She ain’t worried
About her sons
Cuz one’s too drunk to aim; the other’s too drunk to run

It’s such a sad sad tale when two brothers go wrong
Oh if they only knew that their wives didn’t mind at all

So heed my words
All you folks
Takin’ each other’s wives that ain’t no joke

But if you do
And break the news
You’d better hope he’s drunk his weight in booze
I hope for you he’s drunk his weight in booze
Have mercy on your soul and thank the booze