PLT – Too Much Lyrics

TOO MUCH – Q. Iandiorio
Release Date: 2016 ~ Track 8 of 11

I know I laugh too loud
I know I smoke too much
I know I stay too long
Baby when you’ve had enough

I know I play too hard
I know I drink more than my share
It seems I’d be hard to trust
And baby I know you’re scared

But my love is true
And my heart is strong
But maybe the truth is
You don’t want me along
So show me you care, boy
Or let me move on
‘Cause my words aren’t a lie
And my feeling is strong

I know I think too much
And I know I sing too loud
And I’m not the graceful one
I know I stick out in a crowd

And I know I flirt too much
My jokes are crude and cheap
But I won’t play games with you
I’ve got nothing up my sleeve

‘Cause my heart is true
And my feelings don’t lie
And I’ll never treat you, love
Like you’re any old guy
So give it a chance, boy
Don’t run and hide
And I’ll stay one more night
We’ve got time on our side


But you get so scared, boy
When you feel your heart grow
Then you turn me away
Like you want me to go
Yet it seems like you want
Everything that I have
But if you punish me so, love
This romance won’t last

I know I love too hard