PLT – Wined and Dined Lyrics

WINED & DINED – Q. Iandiorio
Release Date: 2016 ~ Track 1 of 11

I wanna be wined and dined
No more being boozed and schmoozed
I’m ready for things so fine
No more of that gold for fools
I’m ready to move on up and get outta the rough
This heart’s moving uptown
I wanna be wined and dined

For years I loved you and stuck by your side
In spite of all those times our well ran dry
I worked my young years to the bone
Keepin’ my nose clean and my axe to the grindstone


Now folks are talkin and I’ve heard some things
‘Bout how you spend your time and where you’ve been
You swore to me you’d do your part
But now I hear you’ve been lyin’ to me, baby, straight from the start



I hear the other side of town is more my scene
It’s full of honest-livin’ workin men who know just what that means
Been eatin’ sloppy joe’s and beans out of a can
I want a steak; I want a Montrechet, baby
I want a man