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Listen to Quenby on Music Ranch Radio …and Turn Your Day Around!

It’s November and Quenby is back in Montana-land hitting the ground running… Check out the Upcoming Events to get out and treat yourself to a spirited night of roots music!

And, in the meantime, if you missed it live, you can check out Quenby’s radio interview from October 18, 2016 – with Jimmy Kujala on

You can check also find the links to this and other shows now through the link under the ‘Press/Interviews’ dropdown! Thanks Jimmy and Music Ranch Radio!


Here are cliffnotes from the interview… but you’ll want to listen to it!!

>>> The last time Jimmy and Music Ranch Radio connected with Quenby was just before she set out to record her new album in Austin, TX this very week last year! Now it’s 2016 and ‘Pretty Little Thing’ is available for purchase, download and streaming. >>>

1:15 Quenby reminisces about her history with music and the country music genre – big fan of The Mavericks (Raul Malo), Wanda Jackson.
5:51 Pretty Little Thing album production process >>
6:08 The pure pleasure of working with of Dale Watson’s rhythm section – Chris Crepps, Mike Bernal
9:05 Montana mother and daughter singer-songwriters, Claudia Williams and Tessy Lou Williams, both sing backup vocals on the album

9:30 **Wined and Dined** TRACK 1 from PLT

15:00 First album, ‘Long Time Comin’, was a studio album produced by a good friend, but this latest album Quenby produced on her own after having taken the songs out on the road with the WOW Band
16:50 Priceless experience earned observing and helping Sean Devine record his album ‘Austin City Blues’ in 2014.
17:45 Kujala and Quenby discuss Devine and the pre-production work needed to do quality music production
19:35 Ward Davis comment to Jimmy about Sean during recent tour through Red Lodge “For Sean it’s always Music, always that thought going on…”
21:13 Kevin Toll played with Quenby when she first toured MT in the winter of 2013 and is still playing with the band.
24:27 Bozeman fiddle player, Britt Smith, connected Quenby with Devine’s songwriter series
26:00 Kenny Williams, Montana musician, father of Tessy Lou, and bassist in her band, and Mike Singer, banjo player from Bozeman, both recommended Kevin Toll as a lead guitarist
26:30 Jimmy has had the opportunity to stand in and play with the WOW Band, and says, “It’s a blast!”. Quenby: “I want to be here for people and turn their day around.”

27:55 **Falling of Horses** TRACK 4 from PLT

32:20 Jimmy & Quenby talk about songwriting and life in the big city as compared to life in Montana.

39:00 Next shows in the Red Lodge area:

Snow Creek, Red Lodge – 9:30p – 1:20a
December 10
Snow Creek Saloon, 124 Broadway Ave S
Red Lodge, MT 59068 United States

Bierstube, Red Lodge Mountain – acoustic trio
December 10 @ 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Red Lodge Mountain, Ski Run Road
Red Lodge, MT

40:00 Sharing family stories as Quenby is with family in Wayland, MA after her mother’s passing. Quenby found a certificate of appreciation from MIT that was given to her mother for work done on the Apollo space mission. Jimmy learned for the first time upon his father’s passing that his father had brothers. Jimmy, “Always sad when you lose somebody, but always great to look at the memories and pass those along.” How true!

~ Heidi Lea… Blogging for Q&WOW

Radio Not Silent – KGLT Makin’ Some Noise!

Hey fellow fans! While we bide our time this October, waiting for Quenby to get back to Montana playing her live shows in November, we’ll be adding some new material for you to explore here on the website.

I had the pleasure of joining Quenby in the KGLT studio with Bob Butts this spring (June 7, 2016) to reminisce about the making of Pretty Little Thing. You can check out the show now through the link under the ‘Press/Interviews’ dropdown, along with the fun KGLT Station Identification spot – she nailed it! Thanks Bob and KGLT!

Here are highlights and ‘shoutout’ times from the discussion…. Enjoy!!

3.06 Kevin Syzmanski – 12th St Sound

The rhythm section:
3.20 Mike Bernal, Chris Creps from Dale Watson’s Band

3.27 Doug Strahan from Memphis Strange
3.40 Phil Hurley
3.43 Sean Devine

Steel Pedal Player:
3.54 Nathan Fleming

‘Montana Contingent’
4.10 Brian Paugh – Mandolin and Violin
4.12 Tessy Lou Williams – Back-up Vocals
4.22 Electric Peak Studios – Fred Baker
4.30 Kevin Toll – Lead Guitar
4.32 Claudia Williams – Back-up Vocals

4.40 Earl Poole Ball
4.42 Stewart Cochran – B3-Hammond Organ

5.07 Tejano / diatonic accordian (James Edward Sanchez) on ‘Easy’
5.29 Michael Ramos

6.07 – 9.42 TITLE TRACK 5 “Pretty Little Thing”

10.03 James Edward Sanchez on Easy
11.23 Brian Paugh plays Mandolin on Easy

12.09 – 15.50 TRACK 7 “Easy”

16.40 Tina Benedickt contribution to lyrics on ‘Wined and Dined’

18.38 – 22.12 TRACK 1 “Wined and Dined”
22.13 – 26.19 TRACK 3 “You’re No Good Unless You’re Mine”

28.30 Doug Strahan, “killed it!” Nathan Fleming, “came up with key change…” on ‘Falling Off Horses’

29.17 – 32.45 TRACK 4 “Falling Off Horses”
32.46 – 38.22 TRACK 8 “Too Much”

39.00 Pinto Bennet wrote ’No Sweat’ originally for the Everly Brothers
40.18 Photographers Taylor Kent (cover and other color photos) and Andrew Carrell (inside b&w photo montage)

41.30 – 43.45 TRACK 9 “No Sweat”

Visit for your copy of PLT!! Check out lyrics, schwag, and the inside story!

~ Heidi Lea… Blogging for Q&WOW