Passing the Tip Bucket around! ~ music notes ala Heidi

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As I witnessed being done regularly in Austin, TX >>> at music venues where there is no cover for shows (like at the Eagles, Sacajawea Inn or Stacey’s here in the Bozeman area), a great way to support our local musicians is to check in with them at their gigs and ask if you can pass the tip jar around the crowd. This gets folks acting on supporting their musicians and makes a big $ impact.

As mentioned in my previous post, here’s our weekly highlight of one of the new songs which will be on the new album. At one of this weeks’ venues, the first persons that mentions to Quenby during the break that you heard her play this song will get a free Q&WOW Coozie …and I’ll recognize you as another astute SuperFan here on this blog if you like.

Inspired by true events… “My baby loves me when I’m down and out! Don’t let my frown turn him inside out..always turns me loose to let me work it out. My baby loves me when I’m down and out!” This song has an old rock and roll sound – great rockabilly dance tune!

The next gigs for Quenby and the West of Wayland Band are at:

Wednesday, February 3, 6-8pm >> Lockhorn Cider House, Bozeman …solo music – come hear some of the new tunes that will be on the album!
Friday, February 5, 8:30pm >> Stacey’s, Gallatin Gateway
Saturday, February 6, 8:30pm >> Stacey’s, Gallatin Gateway

It was a fun weekend with Quenby and the WOW Band at the Eagles – great to see the incredible dancers of Bozeman again!

~ photo credit Heidi Lea