Russell and Ronnie… a story to NOT live by

This week we are featuring ‘Russell and Ronnie’ a tale that belays it’s peppy demeanor — sometimes the plain facts of a matter are so bad all you can do is play Zydeco. Definitely a very fun song to dance too!

Way out back round the well
Ronnie’s stumbling towards the farmhouse
drunk as hell.

He gets loose and sings off key
tries to get your little lady on his knee.
So slip your gal through the side door
don’t let that ol’ drunk Ronnie
round here no more.

He’s all hopped up on pills and wine
crazy for his brother’s brand new wife
he’s so damned bleary-eyed
he mistook her for his own.

Now he’s had a taste of her’s
and his own wife’s love’s gone cold.

…and then this song goes into some really strange places… ending with (as seen at Bridger Bowl):

Heed my words, all you folks,
taking each other’s wives ain’t no joke.
But, if you do, and break the news
you’d better hope he’s drunk his weight in booze.

Come out this week and mention this blog post ‘Russel and Ronnie’ or ‘Pretty Little Thing’ to Quenby at a gig. If you are the first person to reach out you will win a FREE Quenby and WOW band t-shirt in celebration of the upcoming new album… just a few weeks away until the release!

Venues for the week ahead:

Tuesday, March 28 at Neptune’s Brewery in Livingston, MT @ 5:30 pm – 8:00 pm … enjoy sushi and fine local brews with solo acoustic Quenby!

Saturday, March 29 at Blackfoot Brewing in Helena, MT @ 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm … more solo acoustic Quenby!

Friday, April 1 at Mixers in Bozeman, MT @ 9:30 pm … come dance with the full band!

Tuesday, April 5 at MAP Brewing in Bozeman, MT @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm … duo acoustic w/ Kevin Toll

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